Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why buy Motion Sensor products?
    Our Motion Sensor Trash Cans offer the latest in Infrared Motion Sensor Technology. This technology allows you the consumer to have little or no contact with trash. By avoiding or limiting contact with trash the chance of contracting germs that can lead to sickness or disease is decreased. In addition, our product line is perfect for the physically challenged since the opening of the lid occurs by detecting motion.

    Our engineers spent hundreds of hours making adjustments in an effort to create the perfect fitting lid. Those efforts resulted in a tight fitting lid, that insures odors will be kept inside the trash can. The lid also opens very efficiently and quietly.

  • What kind of Motion Sensor products does Nine Stars carry?
    We carry a wide variety of Stainless Steel and Plastic Motion Sensor Trash Cans in order to meet our customer's needs.

    The Stainless Steel Trash Cans are made of high quality stainless steel. This quality of Stainless Steel protects our products from rust and water damage. You will find our products very easy to clean.
    The Plastic Trash Cans are made from ABS plastic. ABS plastic is the highest grade of plastic in the market. This type of plastic will not crack, change shape, or change color due to variations in climate.

  • How does the Infrared Motion Sensor work and for what purpose?
    Our patented Infrared Motion Sensor Technology detects motion within ten inches. The actual sensor that controls the opening mechanism is perfectly located. The location of the sensor insures that the lid to the trash can does not open each time a person or animal nears the trash can. Instead, the sensor is located on top of the can and motion must be above the sensor in order to activate the lid opening.

  • How does the Motion Sensor Trash Can operate?
    The Motion Sensor Trash Cans are battery operated. Each can lid will get a minimum of 10,000 open and closings before new batteries are required.

  • Is it possible to operate the trash cans without batteries?
    Two of our largest models the DZT 65-1 and DZT 80-1 offer an AC Adapter in addition to battery operation.

  • How long do the batteries last?
    The batteries will last for about 10,000 opening/closing cycles on average. This repesents one year of normal usage in a household kitchen.

  • How do you install the ring liner in the trash can?
    See instructional images below:
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